Alternate Fuel Sources


Alternative Fuel Sources to Gasoline

If you'd rather avoid the environmental destruction of driving a car powered by gasoline or diesel, there are plenty of alternative fuel sources available on the market that can be produced domestically, which are derived from renewable resources, or pollute less than gas and diesel.

One of these sources is ethanol. Ethanol is made mostly from corn and sometimes other crops, which makes it easy for us to produce in the US, and is lower in emissions than gas and diesel. Natural gas is another fuel that is cleaner and is made of methane.

Propane is one of the easiest fuel sources to find in the US. Also called liquid petroleum gas, or LPG, propane has a significantly lower carbon footprint than conventional fuel sources and is generally less expensive than gasoline.

Biodiesel, a cleaner form of diesel fuel derived from plant material and animal fat, can be used on its own in biodiesel-powered vehicles or blended to a certain degree with regular petroleum diesel in diesel vehicles. Check your owner's manual for the right blend for your car.

The most environmentally friendly alternative fuel available is hydrogen. Hydrogen fuel can be produced entirely from renewable resources like hydropower and produce no carbon emissions or greenhouse gases. The only byproduct of hydrogen fuel is clean water.

Though most of these fuel sources are only available standard on a few models, it's possible to retrofit most conventional vehicles for some of these alternatives, such as biodiesel and natural gas. If you have any questions or are in need of efficient vehicles, contact us at Parks Select today!


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