Benefits of an Oil Change

Oil Change in Highpoint, NC
Frequently referred to as the life-blood of your car, oil lubricates, cleans, and maintains the temperature of your engine. Oil is essential for efficient engine performance, and it can keep your car working like new until the very end. Regular maintenance can increase the resale value of your car, improve fuel economy, and can even extend the life of your car. Oil can be either regular or synthetic, and comes with a range of chemicals and detergents to keep your engine working right. After every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, the oil needs to be changed in order to eliminate dirt that builds up in the engine. You can noticeably see the difference when you change your oil, as used oil is black whereas new oil is clear or yellow. Dirt can do considerable damage, especially if left in the engine for long periods of time. Below are just some of the benefits of regular oil changes:

 Changing your oil increases performance, plain and simple. Clean, fresh oil ensures that everything is properly regulated, and that the mechanical aspects of your engine work like they are supposed to.

 Fewer emissions. Regular oil changes lead to better efficiency, which in turn means that your engine is more efficient. That is better for the atmosphere, eliminating pollution in the long run.

 Better fuel economy. Although oil changes will only slightly increase efficiency, over time you can save tons of money by performing regular maintenance. In fact, the loss of power over ten years of poor maintenance could lead to thousands of dollars in wasted money at the pump. Changing your oil every few months prevents this.

 Finally, oil maintenance preserves the life of your engine and increases resale value. Many vehicle history reports display the number of times you service your car, which means buyers can see just how well you took care of the car. Plus, with cleaner oil, engines last longer. This means fewer expensive repairs are likely to occur.

These are just some of the benefits of regular oil changes. To schedule service today, call or stop by Parks Select. Our friendly staff will get you in and out as fast as possible, with quality service that is also affordable. What are you waiting for? Get your oil changed today.