Maintain Your Cars Fluids

Checking my car fluids in High Point NC

How to Maintain Your Car's Fluids at Home

Your vehicle has many fluids in it that need to be periodically checked and replaced depending on a number of factors, such as how dirty the fluid appears or how low fluid levels are. If you'd like to learn how to change and fill fluids in your car at home, keep in mind there are several different systems that need to be checked: the engine, transmission, radiator and cooling system, brakes, battery, and wiper fluid.

Engine: To check the quality of your oil, all you need to do is locate the dipstick and check to make sure the levels come up between the two hash marks on the dipstick.

Transmission: The transmission fluid dipstick should be located behind the oil dipstick. You should also check it while the engine is running, noting level its color and consistency.

Radiator: Check radiator fluid while the engine is cool. The cap should be located near the front and center. If you need to add more, you'll have to make a mixture of half-coolant, half-water.

Brakes: The brakes are a sealed network, so they shouldn't be losing fluid. A leaking brake system should be inspected and repaired.

Battery: Some vehicles offer "maintenance free" batteries, but many don't and instead have six battery cells that need periodic refills.

Wiper Fluid: This is fairly simple. If your vehicle runs out of wiper fluid, consult the owner's manual about how to fill the fluid reservoirs.

If you have any questions regarding your fluids or your vehicles health, just stop by Parks Mazda's Service Department today!