Prepare Your Car For Spring - High Point, NC

Winter can be a pretty harsh season. At Parks Select, we all agree that the first sign of spring is a great time to reset and start fresh. Even our vehicles get an extra special check up to welcome in the warm season. Here's how to prepare your car, inside and out, for spring.

Under the Hood

When it comes to maintenance, it's sometimes more efficient to take your vehicle in for a checkup. However, there's also a lot you can do on your own to make sure your engine and its components are looking good. For example, check your oil level and top it off if needed. Also, check your windshield wiper fluid and your coolant levels. Test your battery to see that it's still strong, and make sure your spark plugs don't need replaced.

Just for Looks


Now that you've ensured your car is running well, take care of its exterior. Wash off your windshield with glass cleaner and get new wiper blades so that you'll be ready to handle April showers. Use a pressure washer to spray road salt and other grime off of your vehicle's underbody to prevent corrosion and ensure it's looking good as new heading into spring. 


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