What Do Your Indicator Lights Mean


What Do Your Indicator Lights Mean?


It can be scary when a light appears on your car's dashboard. Some of these lights merely indicate that you have a certain feature toggled on or in use, while others are indicative of a deeper, more pertinent problem that should be addressed as soon as possible.


1) Brake System Alert: There's a problem with your brake system. More often than not, this indicates low brake fluid levels.


2) Battery Warning: Your battery is malfunctioning in some way. You may have loose connections, a leak, or your battery is simply running out of energy. This can be dangerous, so have a professional look at it.


3) Oil Pressure Warning: The oil pressure sensor has picked up low oil pressure. This could result in severe engine damage if not checked as soon as possible.


4) Engine Light: A variety of things could be wrong with your engine when this light comes on, so take it to a professional for diagnosis.


5) Low Fuel Notification: A familiar and benevolent indicator telling you that your gas levels are low.


6) High Beam Light: If your "brights" are turned on, this light comes on the dashboard.


7) Front Airbag: This light tells you that the passenger airbag has been switched off.


If you're wondering what the lights on your vehicle's dashboard mean, hopefully this helps ease your mind a bit - or encourage you to seek help from a professional!

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